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1. I DO NOT RECOMMEND COMING HERE. The photos below are what occurred to my nails two days after getting a mani for $80.00 (I also left a generous tip)!! I was open on getting them fix but the nails were so weak they came off. After this I

2. I use to go here all the time and it was great . But then I went back less then 2 weeks ago & im not happy … I paid $80+ for a full set & I have 3 broken nails that snapped in the middle of my real nail plus one that’s already lifted . Ive

3. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Tan does an amazing job every time I go in for my nails. She is so kind, friendly, and fun to be around while getting your nails done!!!
Service: Acrylic nails

4. This was my first time here and I absolutely loved it! All the staff is very nice and Tam the owner does wonderful designs, also the availability of the colors in powder and stones is awesome! I already made my next appointment and am recommending this salon to anyone who gets their nails done! 💅👍

5. Had a girls morning with my girls and sister in law yesterday and had our nails done. First time I ever had my nails done, it was great! Staff was wonderful, can’t wait for the next time.
Services: Acrylic nails, Gel manicure

6. Very disappointed ☹️. Went in for a pedicure and the gal that did it look like she just rolled out of bed, she spoke so quietly I struggled to just hear what she was saying. She said she had a migraine and was not feeling well. She poked

7. Critical: Professionalism
I had already sat down and had my feet in the water before I found out a gel spa pedicure was going to cost me $71.00! At this point I didn’t want to up and leave, and thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. The staff was friendly

8. This place sucked. The only reason it is even getting 1 star is because the colors were pretty. Tools were bring shared and not cleaned. Dish soap to clean off toes once done. No prices anywhere. And felt like I was being over charged for low quality work. Staff obviously hung over and all in swearpants.
Service: Pedicures

9. This place is amazing !!! I loved being here they made me feel at home and relaxed! So great I found my new nail salon home!!! Natalie was so great!!!! Thank You!!!
Services: Acrylic nails, Nail art

10. Was a walk in. They said be right with you. Was waiting for over 30 minutes with my feet in cold water. A DOG was running around the nail salon very unprofessional. The bowl my feet were soaking in had hair floating around. I had to walk out-
Service: Pedicures