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1: So I thought they were good and only u. Comparison to a couple places in Ft. Smith. Either way the couple times I went it was overpriced and always something wrong with my nails. I haven’t looked back since and my new lady is amazing with way better quality and even cheaper prices. Funny how that works.

2: Seems like I wasn’t understood when I asked for a basic manicure and wanted to have the gel polish taken off. Will not be going back

3: Didn’t even get through getting a set of acrylics, she shaped 3 of them down to MY NAIL, you can see my nails on the sides of almost all of them. Then start filling fingertip. I now have to wait for my fingertips to heal, to soak them off in acetone.

4: These nails were $40. Just one color. My friends nails were $35 and she had 3 separate colors. I even made sure she said the correct price and she just had repeated the price back to me. I don’t understand why 1 color vs 3 colors is a $5 difference. I am very upset at this place.

5: I have been going to Andy’s for the last 4 months (my old place well they’re nails we’re always breaking)I wish they were better at copying Pinterest pix:) My girl was awesome helpful my nails are perfect! I’m on TeamAndy now. Yes