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  1. I go here all the time and they are amazing! Very friendly! And they remember your name! Very nice people!
  2. I got an manicure, the price was really high, the nails wasn’t the same size, and shape, they charge me 45$ for a full set an the nails are so short, they will never get my business anymore, also this was my first time coming to them, bad EXPERIENCE
  3. Best nail salon in these parts! I am always satisfied with the services. My granddaughters loved their nails!!! Thank you!!!
  4. I got a full set. It wasn’t my normal guy who did it. His shaping was terrible even after I told him what shape and detailed about it. And he was watching his phone more times then doing my nails. And he got acrylic all over my hands!
  5. They were great for a while, the quality of service has really declined. They come in when they want, disregarding the time posted on the site. I found someone else in Madison who respects the time of their customers. It’s a shame because I have been going to them for years.