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  1. This was the absolute worst manicure I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. When I expressed my concern about the manicure the manager kept giving me excuses as to why my nails came out the way they did. They said they charge $15 for manicure and an extra $5 just to have polish added not even gel polish just regular. I think the picture speak for themselves. You can see that my nails were not properly filed I was left with horrible cuticles and honestly it was just the worst experience I’ve ever had. There was absolutely zero concern for my experience and they told me that they would not be able to offer me any discount.
  2. $150 dollars later (tip included) and 2.5 hours for a 2 pedicures and gel to watch my daughters come off within less than 2 hours after being done. Pedicure was fine for me but my gel manicure was a joke with thinning of the color on the sides, unevenness, and paint on the cuticle. This was the place to go 5 years ago but has become extremely poor in the quality and there is several places better in Dothan than here now. Don’t waste your time and money.
  3. Did a horrible job on a fill in, my nails were lumpy uneven & not fully filled in. I tried to tell tech that was doing nails, the lady next to him & finally when another tech took over to paint my nails she saw that he had messed up my nails. So after she finished she had me just sitting there instead of taking me to pay . So the owner comes over & I’m like yeah my nails look horrible. I explained I told him over & over & he replies well he don’t speak English 🙄.So he tells me to sit & wait so he can redo. I wait for 15 mins & finally after being there now for over an hr I tell him I need to go. So they were like you need to pay so I was like fine I’ll pay no problem. So they charge full price for a botched up fill in & I have patronized this salon for years…
  4. The staff rushed through my pedicure. I wanted regular color but they insisted I get gel and made it seem as though they did not have regular color available. The foot tub wouldn’t hold water so they kept having to refill it. Each time I had to ask them to turn down the temperature as it was piping hot. They then used the wrong gel color (was not even close to the one I picked). At the end they used hot towels on my feet which were way too hot and actually left my skin red and burned. When they were working with me it was obvious they were rushed and didn’t care about my experience or the quality of their work. I will never go back.
  5. Well they do decent pedicures but the nails are awful. Tony did mine, and I must say the were not the best and the paint was Tacky. Definitely will not be returning.