Nail 2001 By Sam

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  1. Went in for a pedicure and paid the extra $5 for the hot stone massage option. The lady basically soaked my feet, cut my nails, “buffed” out my heels, barely, then the hot stone “massage” lasted all but about 5 minutes. All in all it was a 15 minute procedure, not worth the $30.
  2. I love Sam and his wife. They’re such an amazing couple and they always make sure their customer is well satisfied! I highly recommend this nail salon. They’re both amazing!!! This place is always my go-to and always meet my needs when it comes down to pedicures and a full set.
  3. I came with good expectations but left disappointed my nails were not the same shape and he kept hurting me. He was more interested in YouTube then his clients. Me nor my mom were satisfied with our nails. I would not come again and I don’t recommend anyone else to come either.
  4. Nails were done in a hurry by two different people then more than half were not straight and the acrylic was uneven on every nail. My first experience was good here but the second means there will be no third.
  5. 1st time I went to them they took there time and I was very pleased with there work.2 time they rushed , And messed up my nails had 2 come back 2 times trying to get my nails fixed. Still crooked and missing spots of polish. IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER NAIL SALON.