Moss Barbers

Recent Comments Moss Barbers:

1: asked for a fade and got a lawnmower grass cut. hair cut finished in 5mins max and asked to pay £18 for 5mins hair and a line for beard.

2: Absolutely horrible barber, rushed my skin fade and couldn’t even texture my hair properly, looked worse than when I came in. Avoid like the plague.

3: My local polite and talented hairdresser. They have cut my hair for the last 5 years. Cut it exactly how I want. Couldn’t ask for more. Would highly recommend.

4: Wouldn’t have a post lockdown haircut here if I was you. Cut my hair way too short even though asked him not to. He only took about 5 mins, probably because it’s busy and wants to get more people in. Won’t be going there again! Plenty of better barbers in harrow.

5: Great again for my 3yo haircut. Very reasonable and child friendly. Thank you.