Montclair Promenade

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1. Pretty mall but I can only afford Ross and outlet prices. For rich people and not for homeless and broke guy. Nice place to hang out amd walk after eating at a buffet.

2. My brother took me to Paradise and I can say, even after all these years it’s still pretty good

3. I enjoyed shopping at FYE, TokyoPop and TimeBlast they are my absolute go to shops for gifts. Sees candies always gets my mouth watering and I love getting a free sample with my purchase. The addition of the AMC is just perfect. I love visiting here all year round.

4. Very nice! Its been revamped fresh, i really like it.

5. Wife loves the Mongolian food (: wife happy I’m happy 😊

6. I’ve been coming here for 40 years. Yup, memories of hanging here as a juvie through the silver years! It’s a fine mall.

7. I’ve never been to this place but Google maps feels I have sorry

8. Exelent nice place New look.

9. I came here to shop at game stop primarily. There was a Starbucks next door, it got replaced by another coffee shop. Subway has been there for the longest time. So has the buffet , i’m really interested trying it out.

10. Lucky Coffee took over the nice spot that Starbucks left. They just opened this location, so they have an adjusted menu for now. I tried the churr-sant with a cappuccino and both were good.