Moe’s Barbershop, LLC.

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1. This place is now called Laveen Barbershop.
The less hair I have, the more it costs to cut it! One does not have anything to do with the other. Just an observation over time. Anyway, I received what is called a “gentleman’s haircut”. I hope it works. It does look great! Michael did a stellar job.
Service: Haircut

2. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I told Julius that I don’t have much experience with hair. I’m the kind of guy who buzzes his head when it gets long but have some photos coming up so I wanted to look great. He was patient and had great ideas for me since I wasn’t sure

3. The shop has changed ownership, but the barbers are the same, great cuts polite and quick. New name under new ownership is Laveen’s Barber shop.

4. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
This place is the worst. I can never go back to any other barbershop ever again and my wife won’t leave me alone! But seriously, Moses (Moe) and his team are some of the best, most professional, and personable barbers I’ve ever had the

5. The haircuts are excellent and the staff are good at their jobs, and the price matches that. Just know that the TV’s are on adult channels so if you have little kids in to get professional haircuts you might have to do some explaining about the birds and the bees or other adult topics afterwards.

6. Nickel and Diming their customers! Make sure you get Upfront pricing BEFORE they start. Electric razor fee?! Edge up fee?! It’ll be interesting what reply they give to this review!

7. This is my new favorite barbershop. I’ve had my sons and my hair done by Adriana, Mariana, Moses, and Julius, and they have all been great, they do it right the first time. We wanted to switch up our cuts and they explained different styles and cuts to us so we know what to ask for next time. I suggest making a reservation!

8. You pay double for half the value of the quality of the haircut, however the setup and staff are very friendly. I got a fauxhawk when asking for a simple trim, fade went over my natural part which means I have to regrow my hair again for months to even it out.

9. Very busy place. My husband prefers Moe himself to do his cuts. I took my son to have a cut before school started and another barber did the cut- had to have the barber double over the cut as my sons hair is thin and fine. It looked great afterwards and he had good recommendations for the cut based on my sons hair.

10. Got sidetracked and forgot to document the great haircut I got from Moe about 4 weeks ago. First off, the shop is clean, with lots of TVs and seating for your convenience. I was growing the hair a bit longer so was a little nervous about