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  1. Just moved to chandler in September and got my nails and toes done for the first time since the pandemic started! I loved everything about it! They were so nice! Got me settled in as soon as I walked in! The prices are awesome and so professional! Would definitely recommend this nail spa to anyone! ❤️
  2. We recently moved to a home near this salon. I thought I would give it a try as my old nail salon is 10 miles away. First time I went, they did an ok job for a $48 pedicure plus tip. The salon by my old house charges $38 for same service. So today, I went again for another pedicure. As I was about to check out I overheard another customer asking for their punch card to be stamped. I paid $48 plus $7tip total $55. I asked the lady who ran my credit card for a punch card, she was looking very confused. Then i spot a business card with punch card on the back. I pick up the punch card and I point to it. She turns to another near by woman, that woman steps over and informs me that “the punch card is for Zelle paying customers.” Let me remind you that there is no sign indicating that the punch card applies to Zelle customers only. I feel that this is tax evasion, unethical -from running a business perspective, and its customer discrimination. My next pedicure will be at the salon by my old house.
  3. Attitude from 1 of the workers. Took wife,daughter and granddaughter for mani& pedi. Granddaughter is 5 and worker didn’t expect a tip. Attitude is everything, we tip well, wife is a server,so we understand
  4. This is my favorite place to get a pedicure! I always have received great customer service and pretty toes after each visit!!! Definitely recommend!!
  5. I’ve been coming here for over 2 years, and would never dream of going anywhere else. Salon is very clean, staff is friendly, and they do great work. I’ve never been disappointed.