MJ Beauty Supply

Recent Comments MJ Beauty Supply:

1. This store prices are very reasonable. They have the products I needed and are very helpful when asked for assistance. Worth the drive. They don’t greet you like most Beauty Supply Stores, but they are their for you if you need them and

2. My daughters love shopping here for all of their hair care needs

3. The staff is very nice and helpful, large quantity of beauty supplies, but disappointed on the wigs, they look like they had been on the shelf for a while, and they only had 1 human hair wig in the store, I couldn’t believe that🤷‍♀️😒.

4. A consumer came in the establishment yesterday sneezed on $100 bill who was passing it to the clerk I had over $100 worth the items in my basket also my daughter was going to get quite a few items. When I noticed this particular consumer

5. They had everything that I needed, I even picked up a few extra things. Lol The customer service was very good as well.

6. Well stocked with a variety of beauty supply needs from hair products, nails, and makeup items. Decent and very affordable prices. Friendly staff! I don’t like to go to any other beauty supply store besides this one.

7. The owner Anton and his lovely staff are very friendly and helpful. This store has everything you need to obtain a glamour girl look!

8. They’re a good beauty supply just need more space everything is jumbled up over packed but all in all good beauty supply you guarantee to find what you need

9. I love this place! There always so nice and always gives me good discounts! I drive 15 minutes away just to go there 🙂

10. Excellent customer service. They always greet you when you walk in. The speaker fluent English which is rare in a lot of beauty supply stores.