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1:I’ve always had great luck with Mitchell’s. Everyone is very friendly. They get me in and get me out regardless if i had an appointment or just walked in. That’s important to me because i work near by and usually go get my hair cut at lunch.

2:Very nice people.She left it a bit long and let me know I could come back if the length still wasn’t correct. Curly hair is hard to predict and she did a good job. (And it was not a problem to come back and have a little more trimmed off the next day…)

3:Always does what I ask.Really polite and professional.

4:They did a great job on my son’s haircut. Friendly people and great service! They were closed when I arrived but they still made time to cut his hair for us. Highly recommended!

5:I wish I could give 0 stars. The ladies were rude, acted like my haircut was ‘complicated’, the lady didn’t do any lines right, didn’t shape anything, and cut my head! When I got home my wife was so upset and had to recut my hair, she did a better job with 0 experience too.