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1:Customer service was on point, barber was very friendly credits to him. Haircut was okay average at most it was kind of rushed in my opinion. If your on a budget it’s perfect though

2:The barber did a great Skin fade!!& beard trim for me today , Very good price and value , friendly staff. Highly recommend. Excellent service from Sido. I I will definitely go back for more cheers!

3:The best barbers in North East London! Great value for money, professional cut and amazing customer service ! Always leave with a smile on my face, that’s exactly what you want from a barbers. I recently moved a bit further away from Stoke Newington but Its still worth it for me to make the trip back for my skin fade !

4:I have been going to this barbershop since the start of Lockdown and the skin fade is getting better each time and even the first one was good. The guy who works there Sido is great. I work next door to it at Pizza hut and customer service, is his strength. Sometimes customers can be very pushy about what they want but if you tell him exactly what you want hell do it for you without too many questions. Alway smiling too which is good thing. Highly recommend, as it is the cheapest barber on that road and he will talk to you and not make you listen to the buzzing sound of the clippers like some other barbers.

5:If you want a good quality haircut from a friendly barber, then I highly recommend Mister Cutts. Really good service, efficient and a really nice/friendly local barber. Thank you, Mister Cutts. I’ll definitely be back for another trim.