Millennium Barber Shop

Recent Comments Millennium Barber Shop:

1. A great establishment with a very comfortable atmosphere. My barber was Lava Hands. He made sure he knew what I wanted and I could tell he was experienced because he pretty much already knew as I sat down. I got a great cut in a short

2. Staff are super polite very clean and respectfully my only concern are the prices paying 45 for a beard and a cut then adding a tip on too that while only excepting cash payments total of 50 dollars. I been coming hear for more then 2 years

3. Arrived at appt time. Attended to immediately. Barber was polite and patient, easy conversation. Studio very clean and smoke free. Utensils sanitized after use. Very professional.

4. My first non-mainstream barbershop I’ve ever been to and I was so glad I transitioned. TJ and Lava Hands both cut really well!

5. Don’t waste your time coming here putting your name on the list they decide who they wanna cut anyway and their boys walking at any time and get their haircuts been here over an hour and a half and watch almost the whole lounge get put up

6. Never, ever have I had a bad cut here!!! Great customer service to everyone. Highly recommend.

7. People extremely nice. Got a good close shave and a recommendation for a razor. Will go again!

8. Been coming here 20 years. Can’t go wrong with a cut from these guys

9. I went here today and I can tell you that I am impressed.

I got a haircut with Carlos (puertorriqueño) and the haircut is flawless.

10. Short and simple. Stay away from the short guy with the Grey afro. I asked him for a fade and he left patches all over where he faded. Line up was fine but he 100% needs to work on his fade skills…..Ish hooked me up as said. Definitely laced me up. Greatly appreciated 🙏