Midtown Marketplace

1. Recent Comments Midtown Marketplace :The pharmacy is top notch! I came in for a booster shot 5 minutes before my appointment, and they got me in on time. I hung out for the required time, grabbed a drink, and was out like 7 minutes later. Way better than some of the experiences I’ve heard about at other places.

2. The cashier was super helpful and polite while helping me get name tags for my 3 dogs! Always so welcoming here.

3. Great place to shop. I visit there for Kroger, Culver’s, and Pet Supply Plus.
Well lit parking and safe area.

4. Fancy kroger. Higher prices than expected. Produce looks gross sometimes with premium prices compared ro local stores. Does have good selection of healthy foods. Store is very confusing to first timers.

5. I’ve only shopped at the Kroger at this point. Very nice store.