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1:Cut-tastic. Really nice staff and reasonably priced (still)

2:Dee does an amazing job one reason why I keep going back time and time again. She delivers the highest quality of customer service and a cut which will leave you feeling amazing.

3:Took my 13 year old son into men only and the woman cutting hair was chatting to a man who was having his hair cut the conversation was inappropriate but not enough for me to walk out so I sat with my son the woman cutting hair then started to talk about a man having sex with a pig at this point I walked out with my son!!!!! Do not take your children to this barbers it should definitely be men only the woman in question often says inappropriate things in front of children but the other lady is always there to censor her but today she wasn’t!

4:Been going here for years and Never had a bad experience at men only from staff. Friendly and chatty. Would definitely recommend. Thank you very much .

5:Love having my haircut by Dee, she’s always really friendly and chatty and funny…always really pleased with the haircut too…would definatley recommend