Maysa’s Hair Salon

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1. I went for a deep conditioning, end clips, and curl. 105.00 a bit steep however I needed it done.stylist very knowledgeable and friendly.

2. Great service! I fell in love with my hair. I’ve been going here for years & they never disappoint. Everyone here is very welcoming and the prices are reasonable.
Service: Hairstyling

3. I don’t understand how I’ve been coming here since 15 and my price goes up every time I come $65 $75 now $95 and when did salons become cash only. To be turned away because I have a card when the it’s empty inside. Such an inconvenience!

4. Nice choice if you’re in a rush or can’t book anywhere else. Customer service is on point and service is very quick. If you have thick natural hair like mines this is probably not the place for you. The style and flow of my hair only last about 2 days. I don’t think anyone should pay $65 for a 2 day hairstyle.

5. Critical: Professionalism
Went on to get my daughters hair done …. They asked to see their hair first . Mind you they have naturally curly hair . The first thing that came out the man mouth is let me see if you can afford it? I said money is not a problem usually

6. Very expensive No Set Prices. But the hair tech i had. did and excellent job with my hair. Your examined upon entry and quoted a price. Normally other salons offer a list of services with the price. So be your own judge on this one 🤔 guys.

7. Clean calm & safe environment. No unnecessary noise or people hanging out. Friendly & professional. Not a bad price either

8. Critical: Professionalism, Value
This place is beyond a disgrace. They go up on prices regardless how many times you been there and are expensive for no reason. My hair style didn’t last the entire day and the owner made a comment saying “you people” (AA) like to use edge control and it’s bad for you. Trying to help after insulting; I’ll NEVER go here again.
Service: Hairstyling

9. This was my first time going and I set an appointment, the service was fast and the wash lady was great. But when I started to get my hair blown out she was really rough and smacking in the head with the brush. Also she didn’t even try to

10. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality
Since I was 7 years old, every 3 months my mom will send me here because her job was next door. Every time I would come, Mike would take good care of me and send me on my way. My hair texture never change, I am a natural women with course