Marc’s Barber Shop

Recent comments  Marc’s Barber Shop:
  1. Well it is very pleasant place to be in great condition for talking about Jesus and the Lord of God clean talking hey go for yourself u will be glad u did 🙏
  2. Marc did a great job on my haircut
  3. Very good atmosphere and barbers
  4. All around great service.
  5. So I was out on a Saturday trying to find a barber to cut my hair and thanks to Google I found this great little place. When I first pulled up I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place and through the window I could make out someone waving me in. From the time I walked in Marc greeted me with a smile and welcomed me as if he had known me. He was finishing up with a customer in which he told me that he had another appointment soon but he would go ahead and work me in. Now I hadn’t gotten a haircut in quite awhile so he had a job on his hands. He really took the time to give me a great haircut all the while was cutting up with customers and the other lady barber that was there, kept me smiling and laughing. This was more like sitting around with friends than getting a haircut like at other places where you just sit there like a knot on a log or maybe talk about mundane things. I have found my go to barber. They are open on Saturdays and don’t close early like a lot of the others.