Marcelo’s Barber Shop

Recent Comments Marcelo’s Barber Shop:

1. Always the freshest fades never have to worry great customer service

2. I’ve been going here as kid and I’ve been getting the same haircut since then . The one time I finally change styles , they did a horrible job especially on the fade . The guy in the first chair can’t do fades . One side was decent and the

3. Very attentive to what they’re working on, quickly done, and still well priced, will definitely come again when my hair needs it

4. It was absolutely the worst place to go! Asked the barber for a trim 1 on sides and trim with scissors on top, he completely shaves my sides all the way to my scalp and cuts so much on top shortening my hair, ended up bald on sides and

5. Not that the barbers are any good, they are all good but that one man that sits in the front of the entrance, Marcelo! ask for him! He has that skill to cut hair!

6. The barbers don’t know what they’re doing. After watching them cut hair, they’re were all moody and not professional, specially the old man. He smells of smoke and doesn’t know how to cut a kids hair. It was the works experience and highly not recommended. Stay away from this place. Not certify to your expectations.

7. I love this place. As bias as this is, people shouldn’t bash the place. They talk to the people and their fellow barber’s which is really entertaining. Many of my family members come here and I recommend.

8. When I had short hair used to get cut here. Grew my hair for 5 years. Finally it was time to cut it. Went back to Marcelos and it’s still the same. Haircuts are still 8 bucks, a bargain compared to 20. I get cut by Gene older taller fella. He hooks me up with my fade.

9. The only reason i come here is because its next to my house.other then that. I dont recommend unless your ready to be given a haircut that you dont ask for and barber’s who take more then an hour cutting your hair. They talk among each

10. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
I have been cutting my hair for years with marcelo. He has a great team. And the price is very reasonable.