Mandy K Barbers

Recent Comments Mandy K Barbers:

1: Great little barbers, firmly cemented in coves community. Friendly, client focused in a clean and covid safe environment. Always up to date with new hair styles as well as the classics.

2: Mum favourite barbers, they do a nice fade for super cheap, good customer service and lovely people in general

3: Always busy, but that means they’re good, right? Lots of patience for getting my little boy’s hair done. Prices competitive & staff are so friendly. Our haircuts always turn out amazing.

4: You are always welcomed with a smile the haircut is very quick and efficient and the most reasonable price I’ve ever found

5: Best barbers I’ve ever been to, hands down. Friendly, still very much enforcing masks so I felt very safe. They gave my 2 year old son his third ever haircut and he didn’t even flinch! They were great with him and made sure he had a wonderful experience. Will be going back here for my next haircut.