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1. Critical: Quality
I will never get my nails done here again. She didn’t take her time at all. A lot of the nails are crooked and not painted properly. She dug into my skin with the electric nail file and the wait time was so long. It definitely wasn’t worth the money.
Service: Acrylic nails

2. Critical: Quality
This is what my daughter came home with. Her fingers torn up, and a messy polish job. I never leave reviews like this, but this is unacceptable and I feel like they took advantage of my daughter who was too polite to complain. Not worth $50. I should have just done them myself.

3. This was the worst experience I ever experience in a nail salon by far! First my pedicure was horrible the water was cold! Then I ask if he could heat the water up ! He had an attitude! He didn’t do my pedi right!! Just rinse my feet off

4. I had been a customer here for four years. The last six months each time I would visit, my technician, Tony, became increasingly rude and as it turns out I was being overcharged unbeknownst to me. They move very quickly to get as many

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism
Owner is a nice lady they try to get it close to what you want. it’s not exact, but I actually like what she did!!

6. Terrible Pedicure. I’m not sure about how the women here do pedicures, but the men do terrible pedicures. TERRIBLE! They don’t clean under your toes and barely scrub your feet. Find another place.
Service: Pedicures

7. Horrible pedicure/messy polish/they are in a huge gurry/very rude and overpriced!!! Save yourself a trip and go somewhere else. I have tried this place 3 different times because of the co venue located by my home but horrible everytime!!everything!!! They will not get me a forth time…
Service: Pedicures

8. I got charged 125 for 2 pedicures with no shellac just polish. Not to mention I picked my color and asked for shellac on my toes. Then I give the same polish to him myself but my toe nails are red and my nails are pink. And he did my nails

9. Tina is my go2 everytime no questions!! Great atmosphere and family oriented!! I have been a loyal customer for years and will continue to be!!

10. I have been going here for 3 years. I love it here. They are fast and do amazing job Everytime. Highly recommended