Lush Design Studio Inc.

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1: Tanya is absolutely amazing!! Been going to her for 2 years and won’t let anyone else touch my hair! Thank you for always taking care of me. Brooke and Teresa are amazing as well!

2: I absolutely will forever go to this salon! Micca saved my hair! I came in with orange hair and left with brown hair with a money piece and I am in love, I 100%reccomend her 😍 ❤️

3: I love this salon! Have been a client 10+ years. Upscale & have great professionals who do hair. Cheryl is my hair dresser. Janice E Rodgers

4: Love this place – Josh not only does the hair of everyone in our family he is a family friend. The place is always neat, clean and well run too. It’s a great place to get your hair needs taken care of. Call for an appointment because they can be busy.

5: Donna was amazing!!!! I will always go to her. I’ll never go back to FOREVER YOUNG HAIR SALON and let Kaitlyn cut my hair. Donna was able to fix what she messed up months ago, and its still not long enough to fix fix… So I’ll have to wait 6 more weeks to let it grow out for Ms. Donna to really fix it well.