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  1. A ring sure would make my had look better But these are my nails and I’m a BIG Nail biter. The Gel have get them very nice and strong and why would I bite them now🤔 Life is Good and my Nail amazing 🤩☺ You must try the CBD pedicure Its an experience upon an experience 😁
  2. Very terrible experience with the lady who did my nails. I asked her to shape my nails she said no, that other shops Might shape then but this is how she does them. Dip powder is suppose to look like a natural overlay of your nails instead it looks like a bulky press on nail. Never again.
  3. My first time going. I had bubbles in my nails and they were weird looking/ misshaped very sloppy work. They are the closest to my house if I go back ill only get my toes don
  4. They were recommended to me by a family member. They didn’t greet you when you walked in they asked what you want it the spa was fine but the painting and the shaping of the nail polish and the toenails were awful don’t go there period boo
  5. AWFUL!!!!!! I’ve never been to a bad nail salon for something as simple as a pedicure.. the lady makes comments loudly about how I haven’t had a pedicure in a long time and that I need a “spa pedicure” which is only 1 difference from a regular pedicure and that’s hot rags which is ridiculous but whatever! The paint was great they’re cute but my big toe hurts badly, it’s a horrible throbbing pain which was burning when I got in the shower later that night. I’ve never ever had this happen to me in ANY nail salons I should have known it was sketchy by the look of the salon looks ran down.