Lovely Nails

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1: My Granddaughter had our nails done here. We had the best time. Nicest people work there.

2: The ladies there were very good and attentive. Had a pedicure. The massage was the best I’ve ever had. Made to feel at home. Masks were worn by both nail artists and customers. I’ll have to make it there on a regular basis.

3: I made a appointment for 3 women to have pedicures . Arrived on time to find only 2 seats available. They said I was next. At 30 minutes late and when my friends were done they were ready for me. They offered me a 10% discount! They missed the point, business in the future and 75.00 and a tip.

4: I just had a pedicure and my feet were jacked I stared a jujitsu class and had to represent barefeet. She did good for what she had to work with.

5: Waited 2 long… language barrier…but polish change is beautiful.. suggest an appt ..