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1: Got a gel manicure fill-in today for $35! And I’m in love with them!! He was very neat and took his time on my nails

2: Pro Tip: call ahead and make an appointment with TONY!!! He is literally the best nail tech I’ve ever had<3

3: Got mad because I corrected him on the first nail he did as to what I wanted and he didn’t even try looks like I did them myself.

4: Awful nails, cannot do designs. The guy that did my nails knew he did an awful job but and i didn’t let him finish and still made me pay $65 for regular acrylics.

5: Usually when I get pedicures, I am given a nice and long massage, have my calves exfoliated, and the employees take their time to ensure you are satisfied with their services. This was not the case here. Seemed like they were in a rush and didn’t care about my satisfaction.