Recent Comments LISA’s NAILS:

1: I absolutely love Lisa and Henry do a wonderful jib with designs and nails. The ladies never fell with the pedicures as well.

2: I received terrible service for a rather simple filing of my nails. It was rushed & the customer service was lacking. I prefer to be told you cant fit me in over squeezing me in to rush and do a sloppy job. The place also has horrible ventilation which isn’t great since there already toxins circulating, plus it feels muggy inside.

3: Appointments honored with little to no wait! My nails are beautiful and last 3-4 weeks with no breakage only occasional chip if I get careless. Clean pleasant and friendly while professional.

4: Absolutely loved the full set I received from Lisa as well as the deluxe pedicure I got from the guy that works in there I will definitely be coming back

5: My manicure didn’t come with a little massage or lotion so I walked out with super ashy hands, my cuticles weren’t cleaned and had skin that needed to be nipped, the French tip was very uneven, not straight and only looks good from a distance. Very disappointed.