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  1. I complained that $20 was to much for a haircut on my 6yr old nephew so I switched barbers and been giving Robb $20 every since 🤣, Its so worth it!! Awesome black owned establishment!
  2. Holla at my family Rob doing his thang with the fellas. Got my grandbaby looking handsome as ever.
  3. He is very a wonderful Barber & So is his workers it is very clean inside & out I recommend that you visit 😀
  4. I recommend this place to girls and guys there is a salon and a barber cut shop in one funny people and yea I just recommend the place they also have very good styles
  5. One the Barber charges too much for haircut for my 8 year old Grandson. The charge $20. Haircut was ugly was satisfy with it at all