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1. Rushed services for my pedicure, I was never asked what type of pedi pkg I wanted, or if I wanted my toe nails cut down or filed. She (the younger female) just started clipping away, but definitely asked if I wanted a manicure 🙄the nail

2. Paid extra for a French tip, they couldn’t even cover the tip!! Then the top coat was all over my skin and doesn’t cover the whole nail either. Then laughed and acted like oh that’s normal. I know she saw it before I left to because she

3. Critical: Professionalism
I should of read the review before I came here. Not your relaxing pedi you would think. They were rough, fast and didn’t listen. I asked her to stop and I’d pay for what she did and she continued anyways. She nipped my big toe and it

4. Critical: Value
They took it soon themselves to do the more expensive pedi without letting us know!! I have been there a few times and payed allot more than usual! They pay no attention to you while drying, had to ask if we were done. One watching a very

5. This place is very pricey for the quality of the nails. I got a gel pedi and mani for $100 and my friend got gel mani for $35. My friend’s mani smudged that same day. They also only want to accept cash – something we did not know going in.

6. I came in today to get my nail fixed and what should have only taken a few minutes, took an eternity and even after an eternity it still looked like trash. I asked the guy to redo my nail because he couldn’t for the life of him file it

7. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I just love this place. The staff are always friendly and polite. Quality pedicure at a reasonable price. I’ve come here consistently for years.
Service: Pedicures

8. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
First time going there and will NEVER GO BACK. This place is TERRIBLE. Charged premium prices for gel nails and pedicure polish I will be taking off TONIGHT. $85 down the drain. They did not disclose prices when we got there. I actually

9. Will not be going back my nails are lumpy uneven and was cut multiple times $45 for a fill that was VERY POOR in quality

10. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
If ONLY I can attach pictures. I came in there for Mother’s Day to give my mom a good experience. The pedi was rushed and looked like something I could do a home.. now let’s get into the real deal. I got a simple white acrylic nail.. this