Lake Elsinore Vista Point

Recent Comments Lake Elsinore Vista Point:

1. It is a small view point with very little parking space. But the views are beautiful. You can see the entire lake Elsinore from this spot. You can also see parts of the lake Elsinore city. Please be careful while parking because of the limited space (hardly 4 or 5 cars can squeeze in this spot).

2. A sorta hidden gem of southern California. I always loved making the drive up Ortega Highway from Orange county and stopping at this point to look out at Lake Elsinore. It was always a great viewpoint. Well worth the time to drive up there.

3. This is a great view day and night. It’s overlooking the Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, and Temecula area. On most days you can see the San Bernadino mountains with Big Bear and the Palomar mountain to the right. At night u can see a little

4. Chill spot with a good view of the surrounding cities and Lake Elsinore. Theres enough parking for a group or several cars. Bring my lady up there now and then for the Lookout vibes

5. It’s a nice spot to enjoy view of Lake Elsinore and Earth. If you have a chance, bring trash bag with you to pick up a little of the trashy mess left by others.

6. Love the view. LOVED the road up there. Lol! Nice place to go to if u need a breath of fresh air or just relax and enjoy the view with your loved ones.

7. Great place to stop for a break and enjoy the nice scenery.

8. Vista point on state route 74 that overlooks the whole Lake Elinsore and its community. There is a small store by the outlook but it does not offer much. Pay extra attention when pulling into this vista point and pulling out to get back to statue route 74 as this vista point is on a turn and driver’s view is limited.

9. A vista point overlooking Lake Elsinore but nothing special. There is a lot of trash and only room for about four parked cars. Only stop here if already headed through the mountain pass.

10. Breathtaking views always