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1:My comments are not intended to bash the salon in any way. This is just my experience with one of the stylists. I have grown my hair out for the past few years and, it was a little longer than shoulder length. I found this place on Google so, I decided I would give them a shot. I took a magazine with a picture of the hairstyle that I wanted which was a bob that comes down to a point in the front and is stacked in the back but , I wanted length left on it. She said that she could do it. Now she wants to wash my hair,I told her I didn’t want her to wash it that I was going home to color it and besides my hair was clean when I walked into this place. She insisted, now that I have time to think about it she probably could charge more if she washed it. After getting the wash that I did not want, she starts the haircut. Then she turns me away from the mirror. That should’ve been a warning. She cut the back of my hair to about an inch below my ear and when I heard her turn on clippers I told her to stop. She charged me $35 for cutting off all of the hair I’d grown for two and a half years. It looks nothing like what she said she was capable of doing. She caught my earing so many times with the comb that my ear is still hurting the day after. The entire experience was horrible.

2:Here for a few weeks due to work and stopped in to get my hair cut. Kind, professional, polite, and fast. I love my fade and would definitely come back in the future.

3:A bit more expensive than I’d envisioned, but overall decent service, given that we don’t speak Spanish. My wife was satisfied with her hair

4:Definitely recommend this place , it’s a friendly and professional hair salon. I’ve been getting my hair cut done by the owner for a while and he’s able to basically do any hairstyle just by showing a picture from the internet.

5:Great place to do your hair done ..