Recent Comment KOJOS CUTS:

  1. Kojo’s cuts are the go-to barbers for an excellent haircut aswell as a quality service for a exceptionally reasonable price. I bring my younger brothers here all time and every haircut is an enjoyable experience. The hospitality here is unlike anything I have seen before; drinks and snacks are always offered! The barbers that work with kojo are lovely lads and treat each and every customer with the upmost respect. If i could give 100 stars to this barbers shop then I definitely would! My younger brother has autism and is difficult to work with however they are very patient with him here and always leave him feeling very relaxed and happy! Deffo recommend to everyone.
  2. Worst haircut I’ve ever had. I booked my haircut with KOJO himself, he said to me at the shop “go to my other barber, he’s number one he will do the same job don’t worry my brother” I said “but I booked with you.” Anyway. He didn’t understand a word or English and he did the total opposite to what I asked for. Wont be going back for sure. If they can’t stick to bookings and have poor barbers
  3. I have been coming to KOJOS CUTS for over 2 years. Would never go anywhere else. Nothing but the best haircuts here. They have a every friendly and welcoming environment. Only barbershop that I’ve been too where I feel comfortable getting a haircut from any one of the guys. They all know what they’re doing and very friendly. Each time I visit, I’m offered tea or coffee which shows great customer service. Been coming here for about 2 years now and don’t think I’m gonna never change my barber shop, definitely recommend KOJOS for anyone looking for a sick fade 👍
  4. First time attending after seeing good reviews but it was an awful experience. Attended for a beard trim and for some reason, the barber was working at 200mph. Felt like he was trying to achieve the world record for the fastest beard trim in the world. Absolutely no attention to detail and no care taken. I’m now left with a 80s handlebar style mustache which isn’t the natural shape of my beard at all. Paid £8 for the privilege which is extortionate given the service and end result. Would not recommend. Way better barbers out there. Avoid.
  5. Loads of new, unexperienced staff who charge you the same as Kojo himself. Kojo will cut your hair depending on how he likes you personally, for some people he will do a great job, if he doesn’t like you he will do his job as quick as possible without regard for quality. If you’re his mate, it’s a good place, but if he doesn’t like you you won’t get a quality haircut