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Recent comments  Kim Nails:
  1. This has to be by far the worst nail salon in the local area. There prices are inconsistent and based of how their feeling for the day, then the quality of work is beginner at best, definitely not up to par for a professional establishment. Honestly save your money and book with some that takes pride in their work, and can offer a price list.
  2. They are very unprofessional and like to talk about there customers like I can’t understand them and the last couple times I have been in here they have been very rude. They also wanted to charge me $115 for both these nails listed and a pedicure. There nails are not the best at all I suggest going somewhere else
  3. Horrible service. Bad attitude, will not let you get regular polish on nails. Only gel. Rude people! Will not be back!
  4. Wonderful && friendly does great work
  5. My visit was terrible, dey hurt my fingers by burning dem with the file. Then the price was to high, for my not doing a good job. And da bathroom , oh my goodness has mold and need a massive cleaning. Won’t b going back.