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1:Fantastic barbers very friendly and good prices too

2:Great barbers, friendly and quick

3:£11 for a 6 minute hair cut. Barbers are fine once they get off of their phones. The barber checked his phone 5 times in between cutting my hair. I think he was watching a you tube video on how to trim hair

4:Poor customer service, the guy answered his personal phone and talked in Turkish to his colleagues resulting in me being excluded. The guy rushed through with the haircut not paying attention to details i.e. blending in and making sure that the hair is at similar length. At the end, I wasn’t asked is I wanted wax/gel in my hair. Not impressed at all :(. If you want to feel like you’re being looked after, make sure to avoid this place.

5:I’ve been here twice, first time I was trimmed by the owner who was very good and very professional. The second time the owner was away on holiday there was a man with a tattoo who was very rude, made a few mistakes on my haircut and gave up and called someone else to finish. Bad experience, would only go back now if the owner was in. Shame really