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1:I’ve been going to Kaya barbers now for around three years. The service has always been great and very professional. I was always made feel very welcome and that’s is why I took my son for a haircut there last weekend. He is not always the easiest to get to sit still but Kaya was extremely patient with him and talked to and engaged with him the whole way through. For me it is the best barbers in the town by a long shot! Sick skin fade, great chat and you can even bring your kids in there too! Highly recommend…

2:I thought going to a barbers would be better than a hairdresser for getting my head shaved. I was wrong. It’s not even or straight. The left side has more cut off than the other. The arrows don’t line up and it looks silly. It wasn’t until I got home and had people commenting on how lopsided and uneven it was that I realised how bad it was. I gave them this reference and this is what I got. It wasn’t expensive but I’m still heartbroken with the results.

3:I’m one of the barbers who used to work here, I’ve been cutting hair for almost 10 years – worked in around 15 – 20 different shops (for exploring + learning purposes) and I could easily tell you these brothers who own the franchise are One of the most dedicated when it comes to work ethic, professionalism, consistency and customer satisfaction. they would regularly remind us the barbers to comfort the client (ask if anyone wanted any tea, coffee, water etc) plus as you may know when a group of people who speaks the same language comes together and spends alot of time in the same place may be gazed away talking that language which may be foreign to the comon people and the warnings would come in in a respectable manner ( so treating their staff + client considerably as far as I record seems to be second nature to them ) I had a great time working at this branch especially, thank you to the team and clients. When it comes to progression as far as I have seen these people never stop! , they are now on their way to bringing in a whole new taste to rochester (not far at all from this branch) a much needed turkish cuisine – partnered with a generous man I’ve met (whilst working in the barbers) Liam! and from what i have seen he is a hard working fella with his finger prints all over the build up process; so my prediction would be … this one here would be the start of a brand new kaya. A Kaya which would serve brilliant food which will be continued as 1 + 2 + 3 just like the barbers (well at least this is my prediction from what I have witnessed) so if you ever bump your way into the name ‘kaya’, I reckon you would become close friends with satisfaction. Thank you for reading my opinion – hope it helps when making your decision.

4:Great staff and atmosphere. Would recommend the Kaya Special if you have the time. It really leaves your face and head feeling refreshed. Very good value for the amount of work involved.

5:Took my son in who has autism, they were so friendly and understanding of his challenges, reassuring him throughout. They did a great job too!