Jones Barber Shop

Recent comments Jones Barber Shop:
  1. I have used Jones Barbershop going back to 2000 when I first lived in Pensacola. I have always received a good haircut followed by hot shaving cream and straight razor around the ears and neck. It is a good traditional barbershop with five chairs that accepts walk-ins. It is always clean and the atmosphere is family friendly with no crude language or dirty jokes. There is always hot popcorn and an old wash tub full of candy for the kids. $17 (as of Jan. 2022) is a great value! For the little kids there is a train play table.
  2. On the day I went in, there were 4 barbers working the shop. I approached an empty barber chair, after waiting an hour and a 1/2 for my turn, only to be told we don’t cut women’s hair! In this day and age, this guy should have been joking, but, sadly he was not! Since the shape of my head is not uncommon, and what it is topped with, (HAIR,) is not uncommon to them, I thought to myself there might be 1 of 2 reasons why these guys do not want to cut my hair! (1) They do not like women…(2) they are afraid they do not possess adequate skill!
  3. This place ROCKS, I just absolutely love my haircuts that I get from Justin, I just recently moved to Pensacola and was referred to Jones Barber Shop and Justin and could not be happier. I grew up in the Suburbs of Chicago and have used some high end barbers when I was working in a professional atmosphere, Justin blows them away with is artistry and service. This place is clean, well lit, nice atmosphere, IT IS A GREAT PLACE TO GET YOUR HAIRCUT
  4. Been going to this place for years, it’s my go to barber shop. The staff are incredibly friendly and the prices for their services are reasonable. It’s definitely the place to go to if you want a great haircut and a friendly chat while you’re getting it.
  5. I’m an old guy back in town after 45 years away. Was looking for an old style barber shop. They were perfect. Almost no wait. Hair cut just like I like it. Price must have been right because I don’t remember it – just knew I’d be back.