1.  I live an hour away, but it is worth it for the quality service and unbeatable price. Their process is efficient and the stylists are all very detailed. The gentleman there will occasionally break out singing powerful Spanish songs and it is the highlight of my visit 🙂 Very friendly people

2. Very nice salon! Someone recommended this place to me. I was able to walk-in and I was out in about 2 hours with my (thick long) hair pressed. Everyone was professional and smiling. They did a great job. I will go back again!

3. They did an awesome job on my daughters hair. Thank you ladies.

4. Love the atmosphere and the loving dependable workers. Fast and Great job 😊

5. I visits JJ Dominican at least every 3 months. Around the summer of 2020 I noticed they got new hair stylist in & the shampoo station wasn’t the same. The shampoo & conditioner they have started to use is absolutely horrible. They use to use a better quality shampoo & conditioner, that would moisturize your hair & scalp giving you a tingly feeling. NOPE ! Don’t get that anymore. The new shampoo people are ROUGH like ROUGH & horrible ! They don’t detangle your hair from the ends to root but from root to ends. I can hear her ripping my hair out . I told her it hurt & she replied “ your hair is tangled “ 🙄 Then when it came time to role my hair she got A EVEN SMALLER COMB !. Other than that the lady’s who actually do the blow outs are amazing & its $35 well spent ! They will have your hair silky and straight. But you will definitely leave with a headache from the detangling. They just need to train the shampoo lady’s & get better shampoo & conditioning products. I’m writing this review so they can notice their flaw & make changes fast.