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  1. Racist or just a terrible barbers? Probably both. A while back I walked in, sat down, and got weird looks from the barbers. One of them then came over and said “Can I help you?” I said “yeah, just waiting for a haircut” He then told me that him and his barbers CAN’T cut my hair. I’m half-black but my hair is loose curly hair and looks straight when short. I was just looking for a fade which I’ve seen they can do. It felt odd that a barbers would turn down someone for their HAIR-type since this is your profession and business. I noticed they were only cutting white people’s hair. This hasn’t felt right with me since. I’ve seen other reviews with similar experiences with them saying “we don’t just cut anyones hair” which based on my experience is probably true. So they’re a barbers that discriminates against hair-type, but the vibe they give is that it’s a cover to hide their racial prejudices. I’ve been to all types of barbers: Afro/Carribean, Turkish, Kurdish, white, even an eastern-european barbers. None has ever turned down someone because of their hair type. But regardless of all that they are RUDE and UNWELCOMING, so just an awful place to stumble upon all together. Wish I could give it 0 STARS. If you’re local and want a great haircut with friendly customer service go to LLoshi’s across the road near KFC or Ambition a couple shops down.
  2. Excellent barber shop. Experienced barber is always very patient with my fussy toddler and does a very good job, would recommend to anyone.
  3. I’ve been coming to Jey’s barber shop for the better part of 15 years, and they are always good at what they do. The staff change fairly regularly, but a decent haircut at a decent price is what I’m after, and what I get here. Parking can be a bit of a nightmare – there are two spaces out the back, but these are often full, or you get blocked in by the car mechanics garage that is out there too. There is often a queue here – it’s a popular barbers shop, and you can see why. No messing around, no poncing around – just a regular haircut.
  4. Good barbers and a reasonable price.Me and my sons have used them for years never a bad experience,all the staff are friendly
  5. Awful customer service at the point of paying. The haircut wasn’t at all bad, it felt very rushed though, but was ruined right at the very end. Bit of advice, if you’re going to tell the customer “we don’t just cut any ones hair” and upon clarification of your comment, proceed to tell them they are “fussy”, I think you’ll find the customer won’t be returning. The barber was arrogant, rude and basically did not like me asking him to take a bit more off the top, note this was after he asked me if I was happy with the cut (which was a yes but could you just take a little more off here and here). Apparently you’re suppose to tell him what you want at the very start of the cut and then sit quietly, make no further comment, and are not to check your hair in the mirror either. When you’re asked if you’re happy, tell him everything is splendid even if it isn’t. That barber and this place is a joke.