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  1. they charged me $60 for something that should have been $30 at the most!!! the staff was really nice and friendly but at the end of the day, it’s truly about how the nails look. I got ripped off.
  2. Horrible service rude people who work there and i dont recommend. I got treated rudely if you do read this there’s a place called Nails Plus and Spa on Azusa and it’s a great place they are friendly they take their time they listen to what exactly you’re asking for highly recommend Nails Plus and Spa on Azusa,
  3. Been going here since high school.. ask for Rosa or the guy.. she does my pedi he does my nails
  4. I’ve been going here for years hannah is the best. Great prices as well
  5. This place is my go-to nail salon. They may try to sneak in some waxing though. Staff is nice.