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1:Took my Dad who is in a wheel chair, they removed one of their chairs to fit him in, no problem. Great service.

2:Amazing with trouble kids. My toddler didn’t stop crying the whole time. They were amazingly patient.

3:Been twice now, really good job guys

4:I asked for a haircut that was tidied around top and sides and just abit shorter than my length at the front. He didn’t do as much as I was hoping and I asked him to cut a little bit more off. He ended up cutting a lot more and as if he couldn’t be bothered . Not my favourite haircut

5:Went in yesterday was in shop on my own. Very poor experience. Small guy came out from back. I asked for a ‘flat top’. He didn’t understand, I should have made it clearer what I wanted that’s my fault, but didn’t wet the hair, pulled my head all over the place. Was actually quite violent kept brushing the hair up, swapping combs throwing them down. Noticed cutters, combs etc were old (taped up) and looked non-professional. Guy was probably frustrated as he didn’t know what I wanted. Had to stop him and he flounced off to get the boss. Too far past being able to restyle. No care or precision at all shown. Absolute shocker!