Recent Comments Innerlooks:

  1. They’re awesome. They help you achieve the look you want, not what someone else wants. My niece was smiling for the first time in a long time after getting her hair done, thanks Robert! Cassie, who does nails is uber sweet! Denise rocks! Great place!
  2. I’ve been following Angel for about 15 years. Always has time for me and we are always able to catch up where we left off. She is understanding about me being afraid to chop my hair and always asks about the length she’s about to shear off. No opinion about the shop itself =)
  3. Terrific Salon, I’ve been getting my hair done here by Christy for years. The salon is clean, efficient. It’s s full service salon, so many options to look and feel amazing. I look forward to every 4 weeks when I get my hair done! Christy is a miracle worker.
  4. Derek cut my daughter’s hair and it looks amazing!! Very happy. She was so happy with her styled hair, we will defiantly be returning.
  5. This is a huge space with individual stylists who handle their own appointments and there’s someone who does what you need done. Drop by and check it out! You will find what you need.