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1:This is a great publix to come to with quick service. I brought three items and was in there less than 10 minutes. Nice and clean grocery store to shop at with great customer service.

2:Great store! Although shortages & scarcity has been prevalent in many places, Publix has managed to keep many products on the shelves for consumers and instituted practices that provided most everyone the opportunity to make the selections for purchase they wanted to make. Kudos!

3:I stop here all the time on the way home from work, very convenient (other than the ridiculous traffic restriction to turn left, but that’s Chelsea’s fault not Publix). Always clean. Stocked shelves, smiling helpful people. They’re like the Chick-fil-A of grocery stores. They really go out of their way and seem to care about your experience. Good staff=good place… gets my business every time.

4:Excellent therapy for aching backs or misaligned spines! Very uplifting atmosphere and they play peaceful progressive music!

5:Fully stocked store, clean with friendly employees.