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1: I was shocked, the best service I’ve ever had. Very good atmosphere, approach to customer, the quality of service and price. It makes me to want come again.

2: I’ve been coming here after a bad experience at the barber shop called Joe’s. He is expired. This is the place to come for the best haircut in the area. The owner knows what he is doing and he has another barber and they are both the best in the area. I would recommend you come here

3: Best barber in surrounding area,they’re doing their best just to make customer ☺ .just make an appointment before going or you might be in que…

4: Randomly entered this barber shop and the barber was very friendly and the haircut he gave me was the best I’ve had in ages, im definitely going to come here again and I would highly recommend this barber for everyone! Thanks

5: Second-to-none customer service, very good pricing with the final touch always brilliant. Highly recommend.