H&K Barbers

Recent Comments H&K Barbers:
  1. Great Barbers! Staff very friendly and polite! Haircut always looks fresh. Perfect skin fade and shape up! Use them almost every week! Defo recommend!
  2. H&K Barbers have massively ruined my hair!! Took a huge chunk out of one side and I can’t even fix it. The other side is marginally better. I arrived 30 minutes before they closed and the barber constantly stopped to answer his phone, and it was obvious he was in a rush to close. I am furious and will never visit again.
  3. H&K has been my go to barbers for a couple years now. Great service and very friendly. Would highly recommend!
  4. I love this barbers! Really cool shop, friendly service and great hair cuts at a very reasonable price, def reccomend!
  5. The guys cut my two sons hair, absolutely amazed by how calm he kept them considering they are only 1 and 3 years old. Would highly recommend, thank you.