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1. Critical: Quality, Value
I went here for a fill, and the woman who did my nails was very nice and professional. She listened to me when I told her what I wanted, and I actually really liked my nails when I left the salon. However, about an hour later I noticed a few of them had severely smudged- the polish obviously did not cure fully. I will not be back.
Service: Acrylic nails

2. Appointments don’t seem to matter. I waited for an hour after my appointment time for Henry to start my nails. I wanted the full set for their price on price list of $25.00. He rushed through the job and he kept lying to the unsuspecting

3. It was my first time at Hastings Nail Spa. They were able to get me in 30 minutes agter I called and gave me this beautiful purple ombre dip. $5 more than I’m used to paying but it was absolutely worth it. I am EXTREMELY satisfied.

4. Anne is the best … tried a few nail salons since moving in late summer & this place is it! Been going for about 3 months now & went to anywhere else

5. Critical: Professionalism
I called earlier in the day to get my acrylic nails removed and they said that I could come in any time to get that done. I got there, not a single person greeted me and asked what I was there for, and I ended up waiting 30 minutes before leaving.

6. They took their time to make sure my nails were how I liked them without acting like I was inconveniencing them. Loved it =] I’ll be back.

7. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Terrible service. I went in for a full set of gel nails, I later learned that they are not true gel nails, just a another form of acrylics with the price of gels! Long story short I make an APPOINTMENT to have them filled, I get there and

8. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
This was an absolute horrible experience I would never ever go here the owner isnasty and rude completely unprofessional I got a pedicure it messed up the same day all my toes there was missing nail Polish so I went back in to get it fixed

9. Unclean,dirty water used to soak my nails in. It had pieces of other ppls skin in it. The tools he used on another person sitting next to me,(no social distancing) were passed on to me without being cleaned at all. Emory boards were full of

10. Came in for a fill. Quite happy with results. Had gotten a full set from another place and this place was able to fix some of the issues I had from other place.