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1. Went here on a whim. So glad I did, it’s my new nail place. It was a Friday so they were pretty busy but they had quite a few people working to get everyone in and out. I had a gentleman, Henry, I believe… he did such a wonderful

2. Critical: Quality
these are after i had to ask them to redo them because the first set looked thick and horrible. the nails were uneven, extremely thick, and a shape i didn’t want. i also called ahead of time to make sure there was a tech available and still ended up waiting an hour. 50 dollars for a horrific set
Service: Acrylic nails

3. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
I went to happy nails to get an extremely simple set and I had to pay 80 dollars and she left my nails looking like it was done by someone extremely inexperienced. I have one nail that has no acrylic on the side and I had acrylic stuck to

4. Critical: Quality
I got my nails done “ Agust Saturday 14” And I pay $40 for the manicure gel and $33 for a regular pedicure. Too much money for nails If you ask me, and It didn’t even last me a week 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ In total I end up paying $73!!! For nothing 😓
Services: Pedicures, Manicures

5. I waited an hour and half to not even get any service done. 4 different customers walked in after me (without an appointment) and were acknowledge before me. I really thought the owner would have said something after seeing me walk in and

6. Critical: Punctuality, Quality
I came in for a pedicure and full set. The pedicure was okay but they guy who did my nails went really really slow, I guessed he didn’t have a lot of experience. Took 2 hours just to lay my acrylic, so long that I decided not to stay for

7. Just paid over $100 for unclean nail design. I’ll never go there again. The service was ridiculous.

8. I’ve been here 3 times. The first time was a good experience, the second time not so much. I was doing a color change on my real nails I had one fake tip on my middle finger and after being ask 4 times to take it off the elderly lady (i

9. I tried my hardest not to cry while I was there. I asked for an ombré set and if she was unable to do it she should of told me so I could of gone to someone else.. Two hours of her trying I blink and before I know it she’s taken the dip

10. Best part was the pedicure. They changed $61.00 for half done nail. Literally one color. Got nail polish all over my hands.