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1. Highly recommend this shop more specifically I’d recommend Roy, he is quick and efficient. He’s light handed and the flick of his wrist is smooth and effortless.. no push back on the line up which is also a plus lol if I could give the man 10 stars I would.. also the shop is cozy and relaxing if you have to wait

2. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
I typically don’t write reviews, but Roy did an excellent job at a fade. He completely corrected a botched fade from a previous hair stylist and it never looked better. I also got a beard trim that was very sleek. Definitely going to start seeing him every 2-3 weeks for a fresh fade and beard trim.
Services: Haircut, Beard trim

3. Was in town for a weekend trip with friends and needed a haircut. Roy, the barber who cut my hair and also the owner did a great job. Very skilled and was meticulous in how he approached my cut. If in need of a good tapered cut, I would recommend Roy.

4. The last haircut I had was pre-COVID, so as you could imagine I had a magnificent mane that I wanted to donate to Locks of Love. Made an appointment with Roy and I was not disappointed. He worked quickly and efficiently and I was very satisfied with the results.
Services: Long haircut, Haircut, Buzz cut, Scissor cut

5. Highly recommend this shop more specifically I’d recommend Roy, he is quick and efficient… I normally have to wait hours at other shops but here I come in and jump in the chair and the quality is top notch 🏻….if I could give the man 10 stars I would… Ask for Roy…

6. Positive: Punctuality
Roy is a wizard with the clippers. The guy gave me my best haircut I have ever had. Told him I had an interview I a few days and he made sure that I at least looked the part for the job. Thank Roy, I’ll be back.
Service: Haircut

7. roy has so much talent and he is my barber since I came here to Minnesota. Best barbershop and great customer service.

8. Started the day with hair makin me feel coy,
Fellas and cuties teasing me up like a toy,
Hit up the Lounge with my brother, my boy,

9. Positive: Professionalism, Quality
Highly recommend getting your haircut from Roy. I moved to Minneapolis recently and was struggling to find a barber who would give me a fade I always used to have. I just showed him a couple pictures and he cut my hair according to hit. The guy takes time and makes sure you go satisfied out of the shop. Highly recommend him!
Service: Haircut

10. Positive: Quality
Got my haircut for Roy. I was very pleased with my haircut. He is very good at what he dose. I would highly recommend him