Guys Barber Shop

Recent Comments Guys Barber Shop:

1. My go to hair shop to get a chop.
Great atmosphere, biblical talk if you want it or just down to earth man to man conversation. Like an Old Round Table Barber Shop.

2. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Great place! Been going there for 15 years and never got a bad hair cut! Great people!
Services: Beard trim, Haircut, Scissor cut, Long haircut, Shave, Straight razor shave, Buzz cut

3. Best barber shop ever! Has a long local history and a friendly atmosphere.

4. I’ve been getting my hair cut at Guy’s barber shop for the past decade. I’ve had my hair cut by every barber who works there and I’ve never had a bad haircut. I feel fine asking for the first available barber, because I know every one of them will give me an excellent haircut.

5. The people and haircutters are better than that cuts I don’t have many hairs to cut I give it thumbs up

6. A real barber shop, plain & simple. Competent barbers that do as you ask with exemplary results. Reasonable prices & service that keeps you coming back. I’m new to the area and places like this are getting hard to find.

7. I have a preference about my hair and feel as though I explain how I like it fairly well. With their new sign in system to help keep track of customers I normally check the box that says you don’t mind who cuts your hair. Let’s just say I’m saying who I want next time because the other lady has lost my trust.

8. Shelly was wonderful. We talked while she turned my quarantine haircut into something that actually looks like a haircut. Everyone here was so nice!

9. Great Barber Shop!
And Donna is phenomenal.

10. I have taken my son here twice. The first time a gentleman cut his hair with no issues; his hair was cut really nice and straight. Fast forward to this weekend. A lady cut his hair in the style he requested but it was not blended at the top