Gulf Coast Tattoo

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  1. Absolutely love this place took my 18 year old daughter to Ed he was awesome as always highly recommend Ed very reasonable on prices clean two that my husband and I got from Gulf Coast you can say my whole family goes her
  2. I’m glad to see my great white shark with a man in it that I drew while I was out of town in Kansas City at a motel drunk I’m the original artist of the shark
  3. Electric Ed is the best. From his gruff stand off first impression to the big smile at a proud finished product. He gave me my first tattoo years ago and gave my boys theirs recently. Light hand and clean lines! Very clean shop. They don’t make old school like Ed anymore
  4. Love Electric Ed he always does an awesome job.
  5. The shop was super clean and I loved the artwork that covered the walls but the guy dug hard on my arm and didn’t really give me time to do what I wanted for my husband’s tattoo. It was like he was in a rush and being a tattoo artist time needs to be taken into consideration