Great Clips

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1. Good hair cut. Has a little bit of wait. Recommended to do checkin before. That will save time. Always check for coupons for good deal.

2. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
First time ever going to a great clips or any kind of chain hair salon in general. The service was excellent and I love my haircut! The two women that were working were sooo nice and pleasant to talk to. Cheap hair cut for great quality!

3. I have not had a good hair cut, and neither has my son, since this place shut down beginning of covid 2020. A girl named Gabby used to do our hair. She was amazing. The last girl from a great clips we went to, completely destroyed my hair

4. We’ve consistently had good haircuts at this location compared to other locations. Its clean & not as busy as other locations. Ask for Rita if you can. She knows what she’s doing.

5. Walked in with my fragrance free shampoo.
Rude ? told me to leave she would not use my shampoo. I have allergies to strong fragrance hair products. I have been to alot of hair salons all over the Metropolitan Detroit area bringing my unscented shampoo & receiving a warm welcome.

6. The guy that currently works there put knicks in my son’s head, cut his skin with the clippers and todays cut, he butchered my son’s head so short, bald spots and uneven on top after I clearly said do not cut the top in the notes on the

7. Won’t ever go there again! Asked for a trim of 2 inches all around. She cut the back in many layers,short, the sides in one layer a bit longer than the back, and around my face she trimmed it the 2 inches that I asked for. Now I look like

8. Every-time i get a haircut something is goofed up. Its hard for them follow any instructions. This is 3rd time in a row that the lady has ruined my beard and unfortunately it’s the same lady. They cant follow their own instruction from the

9. Great experience. Hair stylist was gentle while brushing my hair. Very thorough wash and condition. Didnt force conversation with me. Polite and made sure I was happy with cut. Super affordable.

10. Some times one just needs a quick trim, this is a good place. We get our daughter’s bangs trimed here but full cuts elsewhere. This location is clean, the staff is polite and tolerates my young family’s chaos.