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1. Shopped here for years never had any racial issues or any employees being rude for any reason. One time I bought 8 bags of the wrong hair I was going to use but didn’t realize it until weeks later, I called the store and explained to her

2. I do not understand how this place is still open with the amount of racial profiling by the women who work here. I shopped here 2 times before this incident. I was looking for a particular product when one of the women asked if I needed

3. Wasn’t expecting them to be so nice. Smaller than the stores im use to but they definitely had plenty of options. Prices were reasonable as well. Will definitely be back!

4. Great prices and so much to choose from. The owners are very friendly and helpful.

5. Great selection and great prices. My Wife loves this shop!

6. Okay. They don’t have enough space in the ile for 2 people to shop comfortably. Prices are good. You have to purchase their wig cap before trying on any wigs. Too many products in a small store.

7. I spent $153.00 worth of stuff including 2 wigs one of the wigs cost me $90.00 I brought it home brushed it and the hair fell out I was very disappointed I couldn’t return it because of their policy..I will never return there again 😠

8. The staff are really nice and they go out of the way for you. They really value their customers.

9. Never been their it would like me take off the stars

10. To much stuff. Not enough space to move freely felt close in. No purchase 😢