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  1. I split the difference because…it depends who you get. It’s time for the old man to stop cutting. Just needed him to trim up the back while it’s growing out. I wish I’d canceled when I found out he was going to be doing the cut. I’m trying to take the “it happens” approach here, but I was rather unhappy with the cut.
  2. The Barber shop is great place for Men.
  3. We love Jerry’s. Super friendly. Great customer service. Always happy with results while cutting my son’s hair. Thank you so much Jerry. ✂️🤩
  4. Awesome place! Very personable and professional. Very clean as well. Definitely going back.
  5. Every single one of them is an artist plus they treat every customer like an old friend. quick clean work. only place in town that hasn’t screwed up my thick curly hair. i highly recommend over every other barber in juneau